Ink + Photoshop

Skills: Ink, Photoshop
Client: Personal Portfolio

Passion projects created using both analogue and digital mediums – ink, charcoal and Adobe Photoshop. These are a mixture of silly ideas, commissions and greeting card designs.

Bearded man clinging onto a wine glass, waiting for the weekend illustration.
New legs for a race preparation illustration kit list
One inked line pancake stack drawing syrup and fork
Yellow elephant illustration ink

Awkward silence illustration quotation marks
Danny Bent Profile Picture Project Awesome
An illustration of a tube of toothpaste with the London underground Victoria line logo on it.

The old instagram logo icon that looks like a pig with a curly tail and snout
A playing card with clouds instead of clubs. The card nine of clubs
A cup of coffee with confetti exploding out of it called Coffetti
An illustration of the words Just Pie It which means to say No instead of yes.
An illustrated knot of earphone earplug headphone cables
Present gift illustration
Hello reality check six fingers lucid dreaming illustration
Christmas robin illustration winter inked photoshop


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